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PocketGrandmaster Here you can find some information about Anaconda Chess (former GromitChess), about it's author Frank Schneider and about computerchess in general.
If your looking for Gromit from the "Wallace and Gromit" movies, please visit Aardman's web site. News

Please contact me if you look for an engine or PocketPC/Smartphone 2002 UI for a commercial project.

Anaconda 2.0

is a successor of Gromit 3.9.5 with some new search heuristics and an improved evaluation. A Chessbase-engine of Anaconda 2.0 is available on the PocketGrandmaster web site (here).

GromitChess 3.9.5

is a successor of Gromit 3.8 with an improved evaluation and some new heuristics. It finished 4th/18 at the World Microcomputer Chess Championships in Maastricht 2001 (see here), winning the amateur-title and being second in the single-processor category.
After the WMCC we developed a PocketPC-UI, which is now available as PocketGrandmaster.

GromitChess 3.8

is the successor of Gromit 2.20. It was rewritten from scratch by Kai Skibbe (evaluation, testing) and me (boardrepresentation, search). Tactically and positionally it is much stronger than Gromit 2.20. It finished 4/18 (best amateur) at the 10th International Computer Chess Championship - IPCCC 2001 in Paderborn.
Gromit 3.8.2 for Winboard is now available from the download-page at PocketGrandmaster. A Windows-version (no cygwin.dll needed) of Gromit 3.8s predecessor Gromit 3.0 is available on Frank Quisinskys great Winboard-pages, the slightly stronger Gromit 3.1 appeared on the "Young Talents"-CD of Chessbase.

GromitChess 2.20

is a free xboard/WinBoard-chessengine for Linux and Windows. Some new features are

A big book (900KB) can be found here or on Djordje Vidanovic's Computer Chess Site.
For the Windows-version you also have to get the cygwinb19.dll (better: the current version cygwin1.dll renamed to cygwinb19.dll) from Cygnus. You can also try to find the DLL using FTPsearch.

GromitChess 1.2

is a free chessprogram for Win3.1/95 with a nice userinterface, many features and club-player playing-strength (>2100ELO). Details.
GromitChess 1.2 is no longer available.

Development of Gromit 1.x and 2.x has stopped, please don't ask for updates.

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